At present there are over 4500 members of RUSW&SP in 104 towns and villages in 70 Regions of RF, so called Subjects of the Russian Federation, from Leningrad and Pskov Oblasts to Sakha Republic and Magadan Oblast, from Karelia Republic to Krasnoyarsky Krai and Republic of Tyva.


     At the end of May 2001 in Moscow was held an Annual Meeting of Russian Association of Social Pedagogues and Social Workers (RASP&SW), founded in 1990.
     During this meeting the Association was reformed into Russian Union of Social Pedagogues and Social Workers. Antonina Dashkina, PhD, Director of Russian European Trust for Welfare Reform was elected as the President of the Union. Valentina Bocharova, member of Russian Academy of Education, former President and the founder of the RASP&SW became the Honorary President of newly formed organization.
     The logo of the Union was designed in form of three joint hearts to symbolize Kindness, Care and Support. The hearts are of red, blue and white colors as the Russian flag to represent devotion of social workers to serve the needs of people throughout the Russian Federation.


To become a member of RUSW&SP

  • the individual should be 18 years old or above (Russian or foreign citizen, or person without citizenship) and should work in social sphere,

  • legal body - NGO who recognizes the aims and tasks and accepts the Union Charter.

RUSW&SP opens the following branches
at different levels:

  • federal - at the level of Federal Okrug;
  • regional - in Republic, Oblast, Krai and Autonomous Okrug;
  • local - in district, city, town, village,
    and provides the branches with Statutory support and required services.
    For informational support and visibility purposes RUSW&SP publishes various support materials and professional magazine "Social work" (postal index in Russian catalogue is 80805), in order to assist specialists of social sphere in Russia and to inform them and their colleagues abroad about current developments in legislation and achievements in the professional field.



  • Consolidation of members efforts for improving the social system in a whole, based on national and regional needs;
  • Promotion of social work as professional activity
    and further development of its standards and values;
  • Assistance in solving problems related to social
    welfare and social protection services provided to
    individuals as well as various groups of needy people;
  • Inclusion of Russian social work in European and world professional community by participation in activities of IFSW and other social NGOs (addressing their work to social issues).

In order to achieve these aims in 2002 -2003 the Union solves the following tasks:
  • Accumulation and dissemination of best practice, national and international, by coordination of available resources in cooperation with interested NGOs and community members for better publicity of the results;

  • Contribution to writing of "The Code of Ethics for Social Work" publish and puting into practice ethic norms and rules facilitation of work on State Law on Status of Social Worker, participation in the process of improvement of present Social Worker Salary Scale;

  • Development of Students' Movement - new movement for the Union, in order to attract young resources to the profession and to ensure the continuity and the success of the social reform in Russia.






RUSW&SP is an active member of International Federation of social workers from 1992. The Union has well developed bilateral contacts with partner Associations from Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Spain and Britain.

The Union regularly participates in various international events. The Union organizes and hosts international conferences, seminars, study visits and exchanges as its part and contribution to international cooperation.

In partnership with Ministry of Labour and Social Development with financial support form EC Tacis and Russian European Trust together with active participation of state structures and NGOs in the regions, RUSW&SP successfully implements programmes on dissemination of best social practice, facilitating involvement of Russian Social workers and Social pedagogues in international professional environment.

The Union is always open to new initiatives and welcomes new ideas and contacts.



     RUSP&SW activities are funded by resorces raised through membership programme, donations, grants and legal agreements. The Union offers vast range of opportunities for cooperation and joint programmes to all interested individuals and bodies who share similar aims, tasks, priciples and values.



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